Video Production For Lawrenceville, Georgia

Video Production for Lawrenceville, Georgia

Incorporated in 1821, Lawrenceville is considered the second oldest city in the metro Atlanta area. Located nearly 30 miles northeast of downtown, Lawrenceville is a suburb of Atlanta with an estimated 30,000 residents who call this wonderful city home. 

Rich in history, the city has plenty of antique shops and other historically significant landmarks including the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse as well as the Aurora Theatre, which was relocated from Duluth in 2007. As Gwinnett County’s premier professional theatre and the second largest professional theatre in the entire state, Aurora Theatre produces an impressive 800 ticketed events each year, which attracts an estimated 80,000 visitors. They also host Lawrenceville Ghost Tours, a walking tour led by animated storytellers. For foodies who are local or visiting, Local Republic serves up seasonal fare with a crowd-pleasing menu featuring gourmet burgers and craft beer. 

Lawrenceville is truly a wonderful place to live and work. That is why our video production agency, Bed Productions, is proud to serve this thriving community with its video production needs and wants. 

Lawrenceville, Georgia Video Production

Let’s talk ‘video production.’ So what is video marketing or video production? The short and simple video production definition we like to use is that it is the process of producing video content for mediums such as TV or internet. While video production can be compared to filmmaking, in this case, the video is recorded as analog signals, digitally or as computer files stored on hard drives, SSDs, magnetic tape or memory cards rather than film stock. Just as film production companies require a film crew to make all moving parts work together cohesively, a video production studio requires a team of professionals to execute the three stages of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. 

Below we will briefly cover these important stages: 

  1. Pre-production: This first stage involves the intentional planning of the video production process well before filming can begin. What does that include? Well, you can expect script-writing, scheduling, and logistics to take place during pre-production.
  2. Production: This second stage is the part of video production where the video content is captured. That means filming the actors in action.
  3. Post-production: This final stage is the phase in which the production team would edit the video by selectively putting together the video clips produced during the second stage into a finished product that tells a story or conveys a message in a live event setting or after an event has taken place.

Ultimately, a video production company implements and executes the three stages of the video production process, from creating the initial concept along with the client to laying out the final draft of the video. 

The meticulous process includes but is not limited to:

  • Creative consult or initial planning of ideas 
  • Scriptwriting  
  • Production schedule 
  • Assembling the crew
  • Casting 
  • Shooting film
  • Editing video
  • Music composition 
  • Sound design management  
  • Technical quality control

With how much is involved in video production, having a team of experienced professionals that specialize in producing high-quality video content for broadcast or marketing opportunities is essential for all video production companies. Typically, a production team will include a director, photography director and video editor to pull together a production. There may also be assistants on the team, which are important video production jobs, who help with capturing the video content through electronic media such as an SD card for commercial-grade cameras, or on flash storage for professional-grade cameras. The behind the scenes involves digitally distributing a client’s video content on the internet in formats like MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media Video, or DivX, just to name a few. Of course, we don’t want to overwhelm clients with the technical details so much as the overall picture. 

Another thing to consider when hiring a good production company should be its ability to maximize one’s budget. As you can see, there is immeasurable potential to creating an award-winning video by utilizing top of the line equipment, the best actors, a talented production team and great locations. However, things could really add up to having a product that ends up being quite expensive.

The best production company will carefully examine a project and figure out how to spend the budget in the most effective way possible to produce an incredible video. Going over budget is not an option for most businesses and that is something to think about when hiring a production company for video for marketing. Does the production company take into account the objectives of the project at all stages? Has the production company had significant success in curating well-crafted video content that has generated business for the client? These are important questions to research about a production company, especially when most if not all your business’s marketing budget is going toward video marketing.  In fact, formulating such questions and allowing the answers to be reflected in the production process will permit the project to be guided by the business’s goals, which should make for a successful campaign. 

Quality production companies make sure the project is flowing well from the planning stages of the project to the final product. In the initial meeting or pre-production meeting, the production company should be thinking and discussing about the target audience of the video, the intended goal or message of the video, the duration of time the content will be used for, and why video advertising or marketing is the most effective method to get the client’s message out to its intended audience. Essentially, this is part of the client’s video marketing strategies.

A company’s video marketing strategy plan should include all of the following:

  • Understand who your audience is 
  • Set realistic campaign goals
  • Keep to your brand which should resonate in all of your messaging
  • Ensure you stay within your video marketing budget 
  • Optimize your video(s) and target for each channel

Finding a production company that has this sort of attention to detail is key to ensuring a successful media output. If you have done a Google search for “video production company near me” or “video production near me,” Bed Productions is sure to pop up in your search results. Whether you are wanting to do a commercial for television, an online marketing video, a promotional video, or a video for social media platforms, we have experience in producing a wide range of video content for our small to large clientele. 

Video Marketing for Lawrenceville, Georgia

A production company’s video production services for video marketing can be expansive, which is great news for any business looking to be a star in the ever-growing world of video marketing. As we previously mentioned, there are different types of video marketing we can produce for you. 

A few other video marketing examples worth highlighting are: 

  • testimonial videos 
  • product videos 
  • educational or how-to videos 
  • Corporate videos 

We offer many video services, but at Bed Productions, we truly pride ourselves in our approach to video content marketing. We keep advertising, branding, storytelling and the creative aspect of our craft at the forefront of all that we do. Marketing videos for business is an art we are passionate about.

Whether we are creating an advertising video, which includes online display ads with video within them, or social video marketing, which is a short-form video specifically created to increase engagement and a larger following on several social platforms, our goal is to make our clients happy and coming back for more video content as part of their marketing budgets.

Lawrenceville, Georgia Video Marketing

There are numerous benefits of video marketing services, which is why so many companies are turning to this form of marketing now more than ever before. 

Below we have listed some video marketing benefits which we will dive into shortly: 

  • Increase Company Revenue 
  • Influence Buying Decisions 
  • Increase Online Traffic
  • Rank Higher in Google Search 

Any video marketing agency will tell you that marketing through videos is the best thing to happen to any business. But it’s actually true. More than half of all businesses have started using videos to market their products, with more than 80% of them implementing video content as their primary marketing tool. 

So what exactly does this mean for your business? Should you start shifting to video marketing for your business? Let us share with you the importance of video in marketing for businesses. After reading this, you may conclude that video production is non-negotiable for marketing your brand and products in this digital age.

Videos Equate to Conversions

Video content has been shown to boost sales and shares by more than 80% on a business’s site. In fact, an estimated 74% of those who have viewed videos of a product end up purchasing it not long after watching the video. That’s huge! Truly these statistics are a testament to the power of engaging video content for your business. 

Over the last few years, video content usage has increased along with sales thanks to the advancements in technology. In such a tech-savvy world, visually-appealing marketing can enhance a product’s credibility even further than before. Even if a consumer is not able to physically touch a product, what our eyes see can make all the difference when the product appears like it can be grabbed right out of your screen. That said, if high-resolution photography is still a great way to introduce a new product, just think about how much greater moving pictures are to consumers of digital mediums. 

Videos Produce Excellent ROI’s

Shooting footage, adding sounds, and editing the final product is certainly not inexpensive. As a matter of fact, some large companies tend to go over budget or right at budget just on video production. A 2018 report revealed that the average cost of video production was upwards of $20,000 per video.

If your eyes just came out of their sockets, it is important to note that it is actually a worthwhile investment if your company has the budget for it. According to more than 80% of companies who create videos either in-house or outsource video production, posting high-quality videos on their websites or social media outlets have had amazing results – profitable results, at that. 

High-quality video content is what we are referring to because while video content can help get your brand out there, consumers will be more drawn to videos that are professionally-made with excellent sound quality, footage, and a strong message. This is not a craft that can be easily duplicated without years of experience working in the world of video production.  

If you have the resources but do not have the know-how to create video content for your company’s brand, a professional video production service is the way to go. You can attempt using video-editing software and do it on your own, but don’t sacrifice quality if you can afford not to. You will not be disappointed with the results! 

Videos Give You Credibility 

Believe it or not, marketing through videos does give consumers more confidence in what you are selling. There is something to be said about high-quality marketing and the credibility it adds to one’s business. Perhaps it is because the potential customer sees that your company has made it a priority to give them what they want. If the product is visually appealing online, it most likely will be in person. Of course, you just have to make sure that your product is as high quality in someone’s hands as it is seen on TV or video. 

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