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Consistently ranked among the top college towns in the country, Athens is proud to be the home of the Georgia Bulldogs. Located nearly 70 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, this town known as the “Classic City,” centers around the University of Georgia, which is the state’s flagship public university. 

Dominated by a vibrant music scene in downtown, the city’s annual music and art festival, AthFest, is a popular three-day event that attracts hundreds of thousands of music and art lovers from Athens and beyond each year. Rich in music history, back in the 80’s there were a few mainstream rock bands such as the B-52’s and R.E.M. that got their start in Athens. 

The members of R.E.M., who frequented Weaver D’s Delicious Fine Foods, even named one of their albums “Automatic for the People,” – the restaurant’s motto. After more than three decades in business, the bright green eatery is still serving soulful Southern food in East Athens. It’s definitely a restaurant worth a visit! 

Of course, there is much more to Athens than its killer music scene. It is an all-around outstanding place to live, work and play for people of all ages. That is why our video marketing agency, Bed Productions, prides itself in serving this unique community with its video advertising needs. 

Athens, Georgia Video Marketing

At Bed Productions, our video services for video marketing are quite extensive. That is extremely beneficial for businesses that are looking for that star-quality that may be missing from their current marketing toolkit. Fortunately, we can produce many different types of video marketing for your business that is in line with your brand. 

A few video marketing examples that we produce include, but are not limited to: 

  • testimonial videos 
  • product videos 
  • educational or how-to videos 
  • corporate videos 

We offer many more video marketing services, but what we do really well is how we approach video content marketing. Essentially, we keep advertising, branding, storytelling and the creative aspect of our craft at the forefront of everything that we do for our clients, and marketing videos for business is something we are truly passionate about.

Whether we are creating an advertising video, which includes online display ads with video within them, or social video marketing, which is a short-form video specifically created to increase engagement and a larger following on several social platforms, our ultimate goal is to make our clients so happy that they come back for more video content as an integral part of their marketing budgets.

So what exactly would be part of the video marketing strategies for a business? Well, in the initial meeting or pre-production meeting, the production company should be brainstorming and discussing the target audience of the video, the intended goal or message of the video, the duration of time the content will be used for, and why video advertising or marketing is the most effective method to get the client’s message out to its intended audience.

A company’s video marketing strategy plan should therefore include all of the following:

  • Understand who your audience is 
  • Set realistic campaign goals
  • Keep to your brand which should resonate in all of your messaging
  • Ensure you stay within your video marketing budget 
  • Optimize your video(s) and target for each channel

Video Marketing Servicing Athens, Georgia

To recap what is video marketing, it is the use of videos to market your product or service by increasing engagement on your social media platforms, educating your customers about your product or service, and reaching your target audience in a new way. For a product launch, for instance, our company would create product videos for marketing. This strategy is effective in that a business is able to showcase all the features of their product utilizing high-quality visuals and sound. It is an appealing way to get more attention to your product.

Ultimately, the benefits of video marketing services are innumerable, which is why so many companies are turning to this form of marketing now more than ever before. 

Below we have listed some video marketing benefits which we will dive into shortly: 

  • Increase Company Revenue 
  • Influence Buying Decisions 
  • Increase Online Traffic
  • Rank Higher in Google Search 

Any video marketing agency will tell you that marketing through videos is the best thing to happen to any business. But it’s actually true. More than half of all businesses have started using videos to market their products, with more than 80% of them implementing video content as their primary marketing tool. 

So what exactly does this mean for your business? Should you start shifting to video marketing for your business? Let us share with you the importance of video in marketing for businesses. After reading this, you may conclude that video production is non-negotiable for marketing your brand and products in this digital age.

Videos Equate to Conversions

Video content has been shown to boost sales and shares by more than 80% on a business’s site. In fact, an estimated 74% of those who have viewed videos of a product end up purchasing it not long after watching the video. That’s huge! Truly these statistics are a testament to the power of engaging video content for your business. 

Videos Produce Excellent ROI’s

Shooting footage, adding sounds, and editing the final product is certainly not inexpensive. As a matter of fact, some large companies tend to go over budget or right at budget just on video production. A 2018 report revealed that the average cost of video production was upwards of $20,000 per video.

If your eyes just came out of their sockets, it is important to note that it is actually a worthwhile investment if your company has the budget for it. According to more than 80% of companies who create high-quality videos either in-house or outsource video production, posting high-quality videos on their websites or social media outlets have had amazing results – profitable results, at that. 

Videos Give You Credibility 

Believe it or not, marketing through videos does give consumers more confidence in what you are selling. There is something to be said about high-quality marketing and the credibility it adds to one’s business. Perhaps it is because the potential customer sees that your company has made it a priority to give them what they want. If the product is visually appealing online, it most likely will be in person. Of course, you just have to make sure that your product is as high quality in someone’s hands as it is seen on TV or video. 

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Based in Athens, GA, Bed Productions is a video marketing company that serves businesses throughout the Classic City and surrounding cities, including the Atlanta area. Our talented team is happy to use their 30+ years of combined experience in marketing, branding and advertising, to provide our clients with high-quality content that meets the needs of their brand. It is our mission to utilize our creativity to craft an inspiring brand story that will take your product or service to the next level and bring it to life. If you would like more information, make sure to connect with us online

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