Southern Roots….Southwestern flavour.

Our Mission Began with a Burrito.

When our founder and CEO, Downing Barber was living in Colorado, he travelled frequently throughout the southwest. Whilst he was drawn to the openness and natural beauty of the landscape, it was the food that really won him over. Particularly the mission-style burritos. Every aspect of the southwestern staple fascinated him. From its preparation and freshness to its nutritional value and customizability. It was then that Downing made it his goal to introduce the flavourful, healthier foods of the southwest to all of America. So he began honing his culinary skills and perfecting recipes. Shortly thereafter, in 2000, he opened his first Barberitos in Athens, Georgia.


These examples are all full bed productions from creative concept through to final edit and delivery. We worked closely with the Marketing team and CEO at Barberitos to create a Bed campaign that supported the rebranding of the Barberitos franchise as Food, Community & People. 

The campaign was used for Broadcast TV,  billboards, printed media plus supporting content on social platforms. 


Barberitos: Food, Community, People.
Barberitos: Food, Community, People.
Barberitos: Food, Community, People.

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Bed Productions is a Video Marketing Agency. Based in Athens GA, servicing the greater Atlanta area and beyond.  We have 30 years of combined experience in Marketing, Branding and Advertising along with a deep understanding of the content needs for the modern brand.

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